Situated 28 kilometers (17 miles) northwest of the Beijing, Fragrant Hills Park, known in Chinese as Xiangshan Gongyuan is a large park of hills and forest covering 160 hectares. Xianglu Peak at 557 meters (1827.4 feet) high, is its highest peak.

The park was first built in 1186 in the Jin Dynasty and later extended to a large scale in the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Unfortunately, in 1860 and 1900 lots of relics in the Fragrant Hills were damaged by foreign troops. Restoration began in 1949, and now Fragrant Hills Park has been recognized as one of the ten most famous parks in Beijing.

Fragrant Hills Park can be a great place to visit even when there are no red leaves to look at. There are a number of temples, pagodas, lakes, and villas— including one that Mao Zedong resided in.

Time: 10:30am Saturday, December 11th 

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