What better way to fully immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture than becoming a part of it? Our homestay accommodation option offers you the chance to throw yourself into local life and explore your host city from a unique perspective whilst taking part in our Intensive Chinese or Internship Program. Whether you’re a total beginner or already have a high level of Chinese, this is the perfect opportunity for you to quickly improve your Chinese language skills and gain an authentic insight into life in your city.


Our Host Families

homestays in chinaWe work with a number of friendly host families in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu who have hosted foreign students in the past. They enjoy giving foreign guests the opportunity to explore their culture from a unique perspective, enriching your experience further.


Besides showing you their culture, your host family will take care of you and provide you with as many different experiences as possible to make sure you have a comfortable and unforgettable stay in China.


Why Choose a Homestay?


living with a homestay family in chinaQuickly improve your Chinese: staying with a local family will give you the chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice. You’ll be surrounded by the language day in, day out, helping you to learn even when you aren’t trying! Not only this, but you’ll be exposed to real-life situations, colloquialisms and accents that you may not encounter in class, giving you a well-rounded understanding of real-life communication. If you’re looking for maximum results, this is the ideal way to achieve it.


Experience the culture: living in a Chinese family’s home exposes you to aspects of Chinese culture that you’re unlikely to experience living with other foreigners. Your host family will be eager to welcome you into their world by showing you their way of life through food, activities and conversation, unlocking a side to China that few foreigners have the chance to explore.


homestay families in china

Overcome homesickness: with a homestay you’ll never be alone unless you want to be. Your host family will always be there, making sure you’re having a good time and feel at home. Though you’ll probably be too busy having fun to realise you’re missing home, you’ll always have a friendly face to turn to if you need! It’s like having a home away from home.


Once in a lifetime opportunity: It’s not every day you get the chance to live with a local family. Take this unique opportunity to experience China to the full, advance your Chinese and gain new skills and experience that will stand out to future schools and employers!


Accommodation Facilities


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We carefully vet our host families to ensure that we offer our students a good standard of accommodation that’s equipped with all the essentials. No matter which city you’re staying in and which family you’re living with, your accommodation is guaranteed to include the following:

  • Private room

  • Wardrobe

  • Air conditioning

  • Western style bathroom

  • WiFi

In some cases, some meals are also included, though this varies from family to family. 


Host Family Locations

Our host families are all located in good neighborhoods in areas of the city that are easily accessible by metro and within a reasonable distance from our schools.


If you would like to live in a homestay during your internship or Chinese language program, simply let us know in the comment field of your application form. Alternatively, explore our popular shared accommodation option and live with other students.