Learning does not end outside of the classroom

SkritterHutong School students now get a free 6 month subscription to Skritter, the best online app for learning Chinese characters.

We’ve partnered up with Skritter to offer our students a free 6 month subscription to Skritter. Skritter is fully integrated into our teaching methods, allowing you to study and review characters more effectively.

You can then concentrate on more active interaction during class time, enabling boosted oral proficiency.

Skritter is a focused learning tool which aims to help anyone and everyone learn how to write Chinese characters. It’s a relatively new and innovative company run by a small team which ensures content is always up to date, easy to use and most importantly - effective. You can download lists that correlate to your Hutong text book, or create your own lists if you are going for a specific vocabulary. 

All HSK vocabularies are also available in lists so Skritter can be your best tool when getting ready for an HSK exam. 


How to register your free Skritter account


How to get started with Skritter


Learn more at skritter.com