Prices of Chinese Classes in London


Below you’ll find the prices and course schedule of our current group Chinese courses in London. If you wish to organize private lessons, please contact us to organize a class time that suits you.

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Course Packages 

We offer the following courses at Hutong School London:


  • Group classes 

  • Private classes 

  • Specialized classes 

  • Morning, evening and weekend classes 

  • HSK preparation

  • Business Chinese


Group Chinese Courses


Our group Chinese courses are available for two different levels;Beginner Level 1, Beginner Level 2 and Advanced Level 1. These courses will run according to the timetable below with a minimum of 3 participants


Beginner Level 1: A great introduction to Mandarin for absolute beginners or those who have learnt some Mandarin before and would like to refresh their existing knowledge.  You will learn about tones and pronunciation, and simple sentences such as how to describe yourself and others and daily activities. This course will guide you halfway to HSK Level 1.


Beginner Level 2: This course is for those who have already learnt some basics of Mandarin.  You will build upon what you have already learnt and gain a better understanding of object location, describing appointments and times and discussing celebrations.  By the end of this course you should be ready to take the HSK 1 exam.


Advanced Level 1: For those who have completed HSK 4 and would like to build their language level up to HSK Level 5.  You will delve into more complex subject matters and develop greater fluency as your command of vocabulary and sentence structure improves.  



Beginner Level 1

Beginner Level 2

Advanced Level 1









Course Duration

20 hours (10 weeks)

20 hours (10 weeks)

20 hours (10 weeks)

Course Start Date

18th February 2020

17th February 2020

20th February 2020

Price £350 £350 £350



Private Chinese Courses


Arrange a private course at a time and location that suits you. 




26 - 50

1 - 25

Price per hour (GBP)*




Extra benefits

Free 6-month Skritter subscription


10% discount on your China-based program



*Teaching materials not included. A 10 GBP surcharge applies for private tuition at our school.


Recommend a Friend

If you recommend us to a friend, and they register for a Mandarin language program with us, both you and your friend will receive 10% discount on any type of course.




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