After visiting all the cultural sites and eating Sichuan food, you do not want to spend your evenings alone at home - and you do not have to! Chengdu offers a variety of bars and clubs that you can go to to make your evening more enjoyable.

The Beer Nest

The Beer Nest has a lot of … beer. It is usually very full, but people are friendly and it’s a good place to meet new, likeminded people to drink and have fun with.

Address: No.34-7 Jinxiu Road


Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

LKF Chengdu is a project by the LKF group, which originated in Hong Kong. It offers many bars, clubs and restaurants – it is the place to go basically any night!


One of the most popular nightclubs inside the LKF is the Jellyfish – a nice place to party and dance with both Chinese and foreigners!

Mooney’s Pub

Another nice, foreign bar in the LKF. With live music, it’s a very warm atmosphere all around, so it’s a great bar to go to every night, or even bring your dates too!

Address: 1 Shuijin Street

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu offers a lot: Many different beers, imported and Chinese, as well es live music and boardgames. Given that the prices are also mostly student friendly, it’s a very tempting place to spend your evenings.

Address: Yulin Beijie #1



The Bookworm describes itself as “a bookshop, library, restaurant and event space” – it is a different approach, but it is a very popular place to hang out to study, drink, read and socialize!

Address: Yujie East Road 2-7