Hutong School Teaching

Our Teaching Methodology


Personalised Approach

Learn on your own or in small groups, in a way that suits you


Teaching Excellence

Highly-qualified teachers with a minimum of 2 years’ experience


Immersive Approach

Quickly improve your speaking skills through total immersion


HSK Integration & Preparation

HSK-aligned courses help you prepare for an exam whilst you learn  


Guaranteed Results

Our results-oriented method will help you achieve your aims quickly


E-Learning Toolkit

Access to subscriptions, discounts and useful online learning tools


In-house Textbooks

Help you quickly progress from beginner to conversational level

Quality Teaching

At Hutong School, we believe that student-centred learning is the key to fast and effective results. That’s why we keep our group classes small and offer our students a personalised study plan, free tutorial sessions, and access to an e-learning toolkit to complement their learning. Our team of highly qualified native Chinese teachers have been carefully selected based on their extensive teaching experience and solid educational background. Many have taught abroad, and all have an exceptional understanding of cultural differences. They understand the difficulties students face when learning Chinese and skilfully adapt their classes to suit different interests, levels, and aims.

Our 12+ years’ experience teaching Chinese has inspired us to develop an award-winning teaching methodology that’s been proven to speed up the learning process. By immersing students in the language and encouraging them to use it from the start, we help their speaking level progress at the same rate as comprehension. We track this using a unique 12-step HSK aligned curriculum, which enables students and teachers to closely monitor their progress. Based on this approach, our 3-part textbook series and online learning platform help us to maintain a high standard of teaching across our schools worldwide. Whether you’re just starting your Chinese learning journey, or you’re already on your way our expert teachers, innovative methodology and original materials will help propel you to the next level.

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Hutong School Chinese

Our Teachers

Our native Mandarin speaking teachers have been carefully selected through a recruitment process that only 10% of all applicants pass. They all have at least 2 years professional teaching experience and a related educational degree, and they undergo monthly evaluations to maintain our high standard of teaching.  


Our Learning Materials

Based on over 17 years of experience, our curriculum is specially designed to help you quickly get to grips with the basics of Mandarin. As well as a selection of quality textbooks, students can learn using our 3-part beginner textbooks series and innovative  app, which follow our unique level system. 


Our Awards

We’re extremely proud winners of several awards for our academic excellence and outstanding service. We've been voted the preferred Mandarin school for foreigners in China for 3 years running, a reputation we strive to maintain by continuing to help more people around the world learn Chinese.  

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Best Mandarin school

Three time winners of that's magazine's Best Mandarin School award, we're the school of choice for foreigners in China.

Online level test

Take our free online test to discover which HSK level you’re currently at and which course you should consider joining

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HSK Preparation

Our methodology is closely aligned with the vocabulary and grammar tested in the HSK exams, which you can take every month to offically certify your level. 

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E-Learning Toolkit

All our students have access to exclusive subscriptions, discounts and access to useful online learning tools

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Already in China?

Take part-time or intensive classes with us in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu at a time and place that suits you. 

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Coming from abroad?

Join our Intensive Chinese Program in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu and immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture. 

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