Youth Summer Camp China

A Day on the Summer Camp


Learn Chinese

Attend 3 hours of Mandarin lessons each morning


Explore your City 

Discover all that Beijing or Shanghai has to offer 


Discover Chinese Culture

Learn about Chinese culture through traditional activities


Make New Friends

Explore and socialize with friends from across the world

Summer Camp in China

If you’re aged 14-17 and looking for an experience you won’t forget, look no further. Join our Summer Camp in China and explore a fascinating culture whilst learning Chinese and making friends from all over the world! Choose between two of China’s most exciting metropolises; Beijing and Shanghai, where you’ll have daily Chinese classes, cultural activities and adventures around the city.


You’ll be closely supervised by members of our local teams, who will be there to help you with anything you need, at any time of day. Transport, food, accommodation, Chinese classes and cultural activities are all included, so all you need to worry about is what to take home for your parents!




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Summer Camp Highlights

Learn Mandarin Chinese

Our innovative teaching method is specially designed to suit western learners by focusing on practicing spoken Chinese in day to day situations. Learning for 3 hours per day in small groups with our outstanding teachers, you’ll quickly get to grips with the basics of Mandarin.  


Explore an Exciting City

Choose between Beijing or Shanghai for your Summer Camp experience and discover two of China’s most rapidly developing cities. From ancient temples and serene parks to cosmopolitan districts and modern shopping malls, both cities will give you a taste of contemporary China.  


Discover an Ancient Culture

We combine Chinese classes with a range of cultural activities to help broaden your knowledge and experience of Chinese culture and history. You’ll participate in 18 different activities including visits to historical sites, cooking classes, and lectures about life in China. 

24/7 Support

Meals and transport provided
Central accommodation
Chinese classes tailored to you
18 different activities
Organizational support & interpreter


Hutong School is here to give you the support you need to
to have the best experience possible !

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Chinese classes

You’ll attend small group Chinese classes in the mornings that are tailored to your level, to help enrich your China experience. 

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Cultural activities

During the Summer Camp, you’ll take part in 18 different activities to give you a good understanding of Chinese culture and history.

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24/7 support

Our local teams in Beijing and Shanghai will provide round-the-clock support, making sure you feel safe and enjoy your time in China.

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Meals, Hostel & Transport

Accommodation, food and transport are provided throughout the Summer Camp, so you don’t need to organise anything!

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Summer Camp Beijing

Immerse yourself in China’s political, economic and cultural heart and learn Chinese at our award-winning Beijing school.


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Summer Camp Shanghai

Discover the true meaning of old meets new in China’s most international city, where you'll learn about Chinese language and culture with our local team.


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