Some of you may have noticed the Fen for Fun jar that is in the common room. This jar is a fund-raiser for Magic Hospital, collecting loose change in order to bring joy to sick and disadvantaged children in China.
Magic Hospital is a charity that works with local Chinese institutions such as orphanages, hospitals and schools to bring fun, laughter, and happiness to the children that live there. They choose institutions that lack activities that restore an element of fun in the lives of the children they serve and that believe in the precious gift these activities represent for the children.

Currently Magic Hosipital are helping roughly 6,000 children a year, reaching children via their programs:
-- Clowns & Co, weekly program held at two local hospitals which includes the visits of clowns and art teachers
-- Inner Olympics, project held at Ertong Hospital
-- Abacadabra project held at Ertong Hospital
-- Outdoorsy day program in collaboration with local schools and orphanages
-- Music Enrichment program, that brings music lessons to a school for children of migrant workers in the Haidian District of Beijing
-- Santa Visits, annual project that brings a gift and Santa's happy smile to the children of hospitals, schools, orphanages and other institutions they work with.
You help make these programs possible! Attached is a volunteer application form. If you are interested please fill it out and send to, Magic Hospital’s volunteer coordinator. For more information about Magic Hospital, please visit
Even if you do not have time to volunteer, please put your loose change in the Fen for Fun jar in the common room above the computer; every little bit helps!