During winter there are lots of festivals in China, some all over the country (like New Year) and some in different cities.

Winter time is festival time

Back home you are looking forward to Christmas during the whole December month. Although Christmas is not a Christian Holiday in China, people love to dress up as Santas or other Christmas  figures and you will find Christmas trees and markets (they even offer mulled wine) around town. Still, the real ‘big thing’ in China is New Year: the streets are fully decorated with Chinese lanterns, symbols of the coming zodiac, fireworks are displayed and parades are held – long story short, it is a huge celebration! Chinese New Year marks the end of winter, so it is usually in February, not like ‘our’ New Year in December. But also in the new (Gregorian) year’s very first weeks there is something to see and experience in China.

In Harbin they are celebrating the Ice and Snow Festival for one month! Ice sculptures are shown and illuminated, there is a giant ice slide in the shape of the Great Wall and during the opening night you can see a great firework show. Make sure to bring as many scarves, socks and coats as possible! Not only the coldness reminds of Siberia, you will also find Russian food like borscht and lots of vodka being sold at the food stands. All in all it is definitely worth a trip.

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Theresa Hirsch
 Marketing Assistant Intern