Now that we did the cultural part, how about something sporty? The most popular sport in winter might be skiing, especially when you are from a mountain area. When being abroad you don’t want to miss out on that, and – lucky you! – you don’t have to! You actually can go skiing (and snowboarding, of course) in China.


Powder? Yes please!

Most of the resorts in China are suitable for all levels and provide skiing/snowboarding gear for rent. Snowboarders will find amazing pipes and parks and the slopes are a skier’s paradise. You can also bring your friends that are non-skiers: there will be sled runs and other activities! Of course, as in any other ski resort, you can find restaurants and snow bars.


Those of us who are staying in Beijing will have it quite easy because as the mountains are close two of the resorts are really not far from the city center. Nanshan Ski Resort is ‘only’ 65 kilometers away and can easily be reached by shuttle buses. Huabei Ski Resort is about the same distance, surrounded by the Great Wall.


For those staying in Shanghai it will always be a longer trip to the mountains but still there is no need to worry: check out Yinqixing Indoor Ski in Minhang District. The slope there has a length of 380 meters, which is only 20 meters less than the longest slope in Dubai’s indoor ski hall!



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Theresa Hirsch
Marketing Assistant Intern