Volunteer in China and combine rewarding work experience and a valuable cultural insight. Join us in Beijing or Shanghai, and volunteer for a local organization whilst gaining knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

Volunteer In China

Our China Volunteer Program gives you the chance to work with local communities who really need your help. Volunteer for an NGO or charity in your chosen sector, from environmental protection and sustainable development to migrant family aid. Among the available positions, you will have the chance to put your skills to good use in a range of positions from marketing and events, to fundraising.


Outside of your volunteer placement, you will attend 4 hours of group Chinese classes per week and have the chance to join a range of cultural and volunteer related activities outside of this time. Through taking part in the program, you will not only have a rewarding volunteer experience, but also a deeper understanding of China.

Our Volunteer Program Includes 

Our all-inclusive volunteer program is designed to help you make the most of your time in China with the least hassle. The program includes:

NGO-Focused Activities

We organize regular NGO-focused activities in each of our host cities to give you a well-rounded insight into different volunteer activities. Examples include teaching at a migrant school, tree planting, NGO-round ups, lectures, and visiting orphanages.

Cultural Activities

In addition to NGO-focused activities, you will have the opportunity to join our regular cultural activities. These are centered around learning more about Chinese culture and include things such as mahjong classes, Taichi, Chinese cooking and more.

Chinese Classes

All students on our Volunteer Program will have the chance to join 4 hours of Chinese classes per week. Taking place in our schools in Beijing and Shanghai, these classes are tailored to your level and follow our award-winning teaching methodology. What you learn with our expert teachers will help enrich your overall experience.


All those taking part in our Volunteer Program will have the option to stay in a Hutong School apartment with fellow students. Our apartments are conveniently located, modern and fully furnished with a TV, internet, and a western style bathroom.

Arrival In China

We aim to make your transition into China as easy as possible through offering:



Hutong School CSR Commitment

We ourselves are keen representatives and promoters of sustainable development and migrant family aid in China. As a company, we make a conscious effort to take care of the environment in the following ways:



We also make sure to contribute to our local communities by partnering with various organizations in the city, including Hui Ling School, CAI, WWF and Magic Hospital.


Help others through voluntary work. Apply today!