Our Intensive Chinese Program is specially designed to ensure quick and efficient progression in spoken Chinese and character recognition. Whether you are starting from scratch or have learnt some Chinese before, intensive study is the perfect way to enhance your language skills and cultural knowledge in a short space of time. Taking place in 6 different cities across China, our Intensive Program suits different goals and provides a completely immersive experience both in and out of the classroom.


Intensive Chinese Course in China

intensive chinese programs in beijing and shanghai

The Intensive Chinese Program takes place year-round in 6 different cities across China. Choose between the popular hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, or venture off the beaten track to the lesser known cities of Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing or Zhengzhou. No matter which city you choose, you will benefit from our award-winning teaching methodology, top-rated customer service, extensive international network and more.


Chinese Classes

Our Intensive Chinese Program consists of 4 hours of classes per day, taking place from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 17:00. Tailored to your level, these classes consist of no more than 6 students at the same level as you, giving our teachers the chance to give each student the individual attention required to help you progress quickly and efficiently.


Cultural activities

intensive chinese programs in chinaAll students taking part in our Intensive Chinese Course will be invited to attend regular cultural activities and events. Designed to give you a deeper understanding of Chinese culture from outside of the classroom, these events offer a great chance to immerse yourself in an ancient culture and its traditions.


*Some cultural activities require an additional fee of up to 150 RMB depending on the event type. 


E-Learning Toolkit

Upon enrollment onto our Intensive Chinese Program, you will gain exclusive access to our in-house learning tools.


  • The Hutong self-learning app* brings our award-winning teaching methodology to life in just the click of a button. Our mobile app enables you to practice vocabulary, grammar, tones, reading comprehension and more in your own time. Review the topics you’ve covered in class or skip ahead!

  • The Hutong Online Classes app* connects you with our qualified teachers via your phone or tablet. Take class on the go and continue your progress from anywhere in the world.


*The Hutong App is currently in Beta version and available for a free trial. The Hutong Online Class app are coming soon. 


As well as our own Hutong School learning tools, we also offer deals, subscriptions and suggestions on some of the leading online Chinese learning tools. This will help you get to grips with some of the basics before you arrive and complement your learning as you go.


chinese schools with accommodation in china


All Hutong School students have the chance to stay in shared accommodation for the duration of their program. Just a short distance from the school campuses, this is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the local environment of your city and meet other students.


Our accommodation service includes a private room within a shared apartment, utilities, WiFi, cleaning and help registering at the police station after arrival. 


Alternatively, if you're looking for full immersion, you can enquire about our homestay accommodation option


Practical Assistance

We are here to ensure that your stay in China is as safe and comfortable as possible. We take care of all the practical aspects of your placement to ensure that you can focus on what’s important; learning Chinese, exploring China and making the most of this once in a lifetime experience!



Intensive Chinese Program Locations


Our Intensive Chinese Program takes place in 6 locations across China. Each of these locations offers its own unique experience that may appeal to different needs and goals. Use the links below to learn more about life in these cities.


intensive chinese courses in beijingintensive chinese programs in shanghai


As China’s political, historical and cultural heart, Beijing offers a truly unique view of how an ancient culture can sit harmoniously alongside unhindered economic development. The true definition of old meets new, here you can spend time getting lost in the Hutongs or exploring the city’s past, before enjoying rooftop drinks overlooking this international metropolis' stunning skyline. Of course, a stay in Beijing wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the nation’s best-known attraction; the Great Wall. As the Chinese say, 不到长城,非好汉 (bú dào cháng chéng fēi hǎo hàn); if you haven’t been to the Wall, you’re not a true Chinese.


So, if you’re looking to become a China expert and experience authentic rough-around-the-edges China whilst enjoying the perks of a large global city, this is the place to begin.


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Coined the Paris of the East, or the city of dreams, Shanghai is China’s economic heart and a true international hub. Home to the nation’s largest concentration of expats and a wealth of opportunity, it widely recognized as the 东方之珠 (dōng fāng zhī zhū) Pearl of the East. Despite hurtling towards the future at lightning speed, the city has held on to its roots in charming areas of the city that offer a break from the fast-paced atmosphere it’s known for. A trip to China wouldn’t be complete without visiting the front runner of China’s astonishing development, but if a weekend of glamour isn’t enough, this is the city for you.


Shanghai is perfect for those who enjoy meeting people from all over the world and appreciate having their home comforts just a short walk away. 


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intensive chinese programs in hangzhouintensive chinese programs in chengdu


Known in China as Heaven on Earth, Hangzhou is a unique city that combines breath-taking natural beauty with rapid development and traditional culture. Its glittery backdrop of skyscrapers sits beautifully behind the magnificent West Lake, the city’s best known attraction. As the famous saying goes, 上有天堂,下有苏杭 (shàng yǒu tiān táng , xià yǒu sū háng) above is Paradise, below is Suzhou and HangzhouThough used to describe the beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou, you can take our word for it that it mostly applies to Hangzhou!


Its proximity to Shanghai and growing CBD make Hangzhou an increasingly popular destination ideal for experiencing big city life and a smaller foreign community with peace, quiet and natural beauty on the doorstep.


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Located in the west of the country, Chengdu is best known for its spicy cuisine, colorful ethnic diversity and the national treasure; the Giant Panda. As the most developed city of this geographically diverse and far-flung region, it offers an enticing combination of bustling city, breathtaking natural beauty, and calmness that you just won’t find anywhere else. So calm is it in fact that it’s been coined the 休闲之都 (xiū xián zhī dū), or leisure capital and is recognized as being the happiest and most laidback city in China.


Chengdu is the perfect choice for those wanting to get off the beaten track and explore an up-and-coming hub of activity alongside a handful other expats whilst enjoying a slower pace of life. 


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intensive chinese courses in chongqingintensive chinese program in zhengzhou china


One of China’s largest cities in terms of both size and population, Chongqing is a destination with so much to offer. It’s home to some of China’s best (and spiciest) dishes, a distinctive local culture and diverse scenery unmatched by anywhere else. Boasting some of China’s most incredible natural wonders like the Three Gorges, the city draws visitors from far and wide and allows endless opportunity to explore.


Its comparably small foreign community and welcoming population make it one of the best places to fully immerse yourself in the language and culture and make friends with fellow adventurers and local Chinese. The Chinese saying 重庆人热情似火 (chòng qìng rén rè qíng sì huǒ), which translates as Chongqing people are as warm as fire, couldn’t be truer – the people are as friendly as the local food and weather is hot!  


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Little known to those outside of China, Zhengzhou is in fact the birthplace of Chinese culture and civilization. known among the Chinese as 兵家必争之地 (bīng jiā bì zhēng zhī dì), the city of soldiers, the city has played a crucial role throughout China’s long history and continues to do so as it marches towards the future. Having gained new Tier 1 city status, it’s developing a robust economy and influence across a number of sectors.


The city’s historical significance makes it a popular tourist hotspot for people from across the country. Undoubtedly the best-known attraction of the area is the iconic Shaolin Temple, where Kung Fu lovers can discover the history of this national sport. Zhengzhou is home to a modest but growing expat community, so it's a great choice for anyone looking for full immersion and a true cultural experience!   


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Are you ready to begin your Chinese learning adventure in one of these cities? Simply complete our online application form, and a member of our team will be in touch soon to help you start planning your program.