So you decided to spend your winter in China and now you are all cold and freezing? Time to change that! With our tips you won’t be cold any longer and the good times can start!


Onion Style

Yep, your Mom was right: wearing layers prevents you from getting cold. Of course a thick jacket is the recipe to survive a strong winter but it is also very important to wear the right things underneath it. A shirt plus a sweater for example will keep you warmer than only a pullover. For the girls, what about some extra tights under that jeans of yours? Also, it is very easy to find long underwear on the markets (yes, even for you guys!). You might think this is so grandma-ish, but let me tell you, there is nothing better than warm legs in January!


Hot tea, hot coffee, hot anything!

You see all those plastic mugs Chinese people are running around with? Well, get yourself one! I am pretty sure you already know that they exist in all sizes, colors and styles, there must be one that you will like. Go check out the ones at Starbuck’s if you need it to be hip, or just grab one of the Tupperware kind of things at Tesco. Those mugs are practical for two reasons – one is very obvious: you can fill hot beverages into them! It is just nice to be able to have a sip from time to time, being heated up from the inside. Second, only carrying the mug around has its benefits, namely warm hands! And it is so easy to have them refilled, starting with your own choice of beverage from home, then having a tea at Hutong School, and maybe finishing your day with a treat from a coffee shop.


Another hot spot during winter: hot pot restaurants!

The name says it already: Hot Pot (huǒguō火锅) is a pot with hot soup in it. But there is more to it than just smoke and water.

From vegetables, wontons or noodles to meatballs, seafood or mushrooms, there is basically nothing you cannot boil in a Hot Pot restaurant! Once you picked your ingredients and kind of soup (all-time classic broth, tomato or curry), it takes almost no time for the food to be ready. To complete the joy you can dip your hot pieces into various sauces like peanut butter or different oils. Easy, hey? You should check out your nearest Hot Pot restaurant with some of your friends – it is always nice to share the experience with a bunch of great people. Especially when it is freezing outside the boiling pot has its own charm.


Shopping tour

When, if not now, would be the best time to spend hours and hours in the big markets? Winter is a great time to go shopping, not only at the fake markets, but also in your favorite stores like H&M or Forever21. Try to find out where the next mall is to get rid of the ‘where do I put my coat while I am searching for that nice winter dress’-problem. Don’t forget your loved ones – take advantage of the broad offer on things-one-does-not-really-need and stuff-that-you-didn’t-even-know-existed to find the perfect souvenir.


The cultural corner

Also inside and protected are museums! There is a lot of history to discover in China, and some of the museums are even free. Furthermore you will be able to find lots of art exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, western and Chinese. Whatever you are interested in, just google and find the spot!


Winter activities 

Check out the News Posts on activities in the park, daytrips to festivals or ski resorts and see what you would like to do.There are heaps of fun waiting for you out there, get yourself wrapped up in some nice warm clothes and discover the wintery city!

Theresa Hirsch
Marketing Assistant Intern