An Englishman in Shanghai

In the following article, you will find a short interview with Joe, our newest member of the Shanghai office. He started working as a Program Consultant and will tell a bit more about himself:

  • Why did you decide to move to Shanghai, China?

    Joseph Williams   –  Program Consultant

My journey so far in China has lasted 2 years. It all started after I had graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Global Studies. As broad and general as the degree was, I knew that learning a language would only support my Bachelor.  After studying Chinese for 2 semesters in a Shanghai University, I had laid the solid foundations for my first foreign language (typically British). Now I find myself with Hutong School as a Program Consultant.

  •  What was the main drive to take a job as a Program Consultant at Hutong School? 

To be working with a variety of people who want to come to China to study or Intern is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

  • Why would you recommend students to learn Chinese or take an internship in China?

No matter who you are, the first few days in China can be a challenging experience due to the food, culture, language or amount of people! However, what is most satisfying for me is seeing the students develop their confidence and language skills very quickly.

  • What do you like about Shanghai? 

When asked ‘Is Beijing or Shanghai better’ I am slightly biased towards Shanghai as I have only lived here! Each city has its good points; both have thriving economies, rich food cultures and vibrant expat communities.

  • How do you see the Shanghai expat community? Is it easy to integrate?

My social life is always busy, mostly due to the football team I am part of. I play for an amateur football team which competes in the Shanghai International Football League. Our team is very diverse in nationalities which is great, especially when the Euros or World Cup is on!

  • Do you plan to stay in Shanghai in the next years? If yes, what is the main reason?

I will definitely be sticking around in Shanghai for a good while, so hopefully I will have the chance to meet you. Feel free to ask me any questions via email about Hutong School or Shanghai, or just pop into the office to see me!

For inquiry or questions, contact Joe on the following e-mail: or apply directly to our program.

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