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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year's Day at Home

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year’s Day at Home Written by Juliette Pitt In this complete guide you will be learning about how to celebrate Chinese New Year at home! Due to the pandemic, many of our foreign students cannot come to China to celebrate, so here is a brief guide to help you learn, …

5 Feb 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

What To Do During Chinese New Year In Shanghai?

During the Chinese New Year, most locals leave the bigger cities to go home and celebrate. Find out what you can do in Shanghai during this holiday.

23 Jan 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

The Marriage Market in Shanghai

Check out our blog about the marriage market in Shanghai, see the details and know more about this Shanghainese tradition.

8 Mar 2018
By Alexis Quevedo