Articles from 2015

The Amazing Double Meaning of Chinese Numbers

It's common for decisions to be based on lucky numbers. The meaning of Chinese numbers is often auspicious because of the words to which they sound similar.

30 Dec 2015
By Nathan Thomas

Dōngzhì 冬至 - Traditional Food for the Winter Solstice in China

Today, December 22nd, marks the Winter Solstice Festival in China or Dōngzhì, one of the most important festivals in China.

22 Dec 2015
By Hutong School

10 Wise Chéngyǔ to Make You Sound Like Confucius

Chéngyǔ (set phrases) are short, punchy, wise Chinese sayings you can use to spice up your conversation and get some insight into Chinese culture.

10 Dec 2015
By Nathan Thomas

10 Free Resources to Help You Get Your Head Around Chinese Grammar

Even though Chinese grammar is easy, learning the grammar of any new language is a challenge, so we’ve put together this list of 10 free resources.

24 Nov 2015
By Nathan Thomas

“You Can’t Do That in China!” Essential Chinese Etiquette Guide for Students & Tourists in China

"You can’t do that in China!” Chinese etiquette guide for foreigners in the Middle Kingdom about Chinese manners and the dos and don'ts in China.

16 Nov 2015
By Nathan Thomas

3 Awesome Chinese Rock Stars Every Mandarin Student Should Know

Bored with text books? Throw them out the window & start listening to some Chinese music. Try these three Chinese rock stars to practice your Chinese.

6 Nov 2015
By Nathan Thomas