Articles from 2018

Guest Blog: China’s Global Expansion – Is Speaking Chinese The Future Asset?

With China being the second largest economy in the world and being a global powerhouse, would speaking Chinese be the next biggest asset in doing business?

29 Dec 2018
By Inge Baak

Traveling to Hemu, Northern Xinjiang

Hemu (禾木) is a village in the Altai mountains, situated in the north of Xinjiang between Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. Read more about traveling to Hemu!

12 Dec 2018
By Inge Baak

Top 6 Bike Lane Personalities

They bring the whole spectrum of 酸甜苦辣(joys and sorrows) to your day in the space of your 15 minute commute. Find out about these 6 bike lane personalities!

28 Nov 2018
By Inge Baak

Young Professionals Panel Recap

Hutong School welcomed five young professionals to come sit on our panel and talk about their experiences in the Chinese workplace. Read more about it here!

19 Nov 2018
By Inge Baak

Benefits of Studying in China for Western Students

The chance to study abroad is a huge opportunity and there are actually a lot of benefits of studying in China for Western students. Read more here.

14 Nov 2018
By Inge Baak