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How to Network in Chinese?

Your Pocket Guide to Networking in China Written by Juliette Pitt Networking is very important for any student or professional who wants to make the most of their time in China. As the saying goes, good “guan xi” (connections or networking) is essential to doing long-term, profitable business or having a good career in China. …

26 Mar 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

Guest Blog: China’s Global Expansion – Is Speaking Chinese The Future Asset?

With China being the second largest economy in the world and being a global powerhouse, would speaking Chinese be the next biggest asset in doing business?

29 Dec 2018
By Inge Baak

Hutong School Hangzhou’s Adventure into the World of Tech

Read about Hutong School Hangzhou's visit to Alibaba and Zijin Town. You'll never guess what the perks for working at Alibaba are.

19 Sep 2018
By Inge Baak

Business Development Manager For Hangzhou

Hutong School Hangzhou is looking to hire a Business Development Manager to join their team! Come join our young, dynamic, and international team!

22 Aug 2018
By Megan Wang

Guestblog: Chinese EV Startups Move into the Fast Lane

There's been an explosion in new Chinese EV firms recently. This week we take a look at what's behind this trend as well as a few of the major players.

22 Aug 2018
By Mark Lore

Expat Young Professionals Panel Recap

Hutong School Shanghai's young professional's event was a huge success! Over drinks and tapas, our panelists dished out loads of great advice and anecdotes.

30 May 2018
By Mark Lore