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Gaining experience from home

Ah! Beginning of a young person’s career… Isn’t it exciting? All the possibilities and dreams just out there for us to take. It all seems so easy when we’re fresh out of high school and/or university. You’re filled with hope cause you worked and studied hard so now you’ll be able to do what you …

15 Jan 2021
By Team HQ Hutong School

Hutong School Alumni Stories: From Bonjour to 你好

Ever wondered if taking a gap year abroad is really worth it? Get a firsthand look into how life changed for our alumni Laura with her year in Beijing.

11 Jul 2019
By Megan Wang

Hutong School Alumni Stories: From the Wild West to the Wild East

Ever wondered what it's really like being at Hutong School? Learn firsthand about the ins and outs from one of our alumni about what life in China is like.

28 Jun 2019
By Megan Wang

Introducing: Hutong School Sydney

Looking for Chinese classes in Sydney? Then look no further! Hutong School's award-winning Mandarin instruction is now available down under!

13 Jul 2018
By Mark Lore

Hutong School Alumni Stories: From Shanghai to Marrakesh

In this week's blog post we have an interview with Delphine, a Hutong School alumni who updates us on her recent adventures in Morocco.

3 May 2018
By Mark Lore

It’s Never Too Late To Start Learning

Experience China with Hutong School, with a life long lesson in life. We teach hundreds of students the Chinese language every year.

22 Nov 2017
By Tommy Jensen