Articles from 2011

Hutong School Monthly Wrap Up

Although Beijing’s summer is still in full swing, we at Hutong School didn't stand still. Catch up with July’s news now!

2 Aug 2011
By Hutong School

Hutong School joins WYSETC

Hutong School has joined WYSETC! We are now officially accredited by World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation!

28 Jul 2011
By Hutong School

Trip to the Longqing Gorge

Join us this weekend for a trip to the Longqing Gorge (Dragon Rejoice Gorge), named after the birthplace of Emperor Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty.

26 Jul 2011
By Hutong School

Lecture: A Brief Etymology of Chinese Characters

What was Chinese life like 3,300 years ago? The etymology of Chinese Characters will tell you everything about Chinese life.

20 Jul 2011
By Hutong School

Hutong School Summer Wrap Up

We hope you are enjoying Beijing’s summer so far! Let's review what happened in June and what’s coming up next in July at Hutong School.

14 Jul 2011
By Hutong School

Traditional Handicrafts: Seal Carving

Chinese paintings, calligraphy pieces and artwork in China all carry the artist's seal, rather than his signature. Come join us and learn some seal carving.

9 Jul 2011
By Hutong School