Articles from 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! 情人节快乐 (Qíngrén jié kuàilè)!

Today is February 14th! It’s the day we celebrate Saint Valentine, a day dedicated to love. In Chinese we would say: Qíngrén jié kuàilè!

15 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

Go Chá Chá!

There are so many different types of Chinese tea (Chá 茶), classified according to quality, preparation methods, place of production, and so on.

9 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

Harrowthon 2012

Harrowthon 2012 takes place on March 18th and is a 10km charity fun run in aid of Feng Tai Orphanage. Harrowthon welcomes competitors from across Beijing!

8 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

How to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival?

Chinese Lantern Festival marks the end of Chinese New Year. Besides making lanterns, find out how Chinese people celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival.

7 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

Lantern Festival, St. Valentine’s Day and Oranges!

The Lantern Festival is sometimes regarded as the Chinese St. Valentine’s Day. Single women then write their number on oranges and throw them in the river.

3 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

Hutong School Awarded!

We are very proud to announce that Go Overseas, has accredited Hutong School with two great awards: Recommended Provider and China Recommended Program.

30 Jan 2012
By Hutong School