Articles from 2012

Halloween-themed Welcome Party

If you are visiting Hutong School Shanghai today, prepare to be scared! It is the spookiest day of the year, at Hutong School we are down to celebrate that.

26 Oct 2012
By Hutong School

Your Unforgettable Time in China

The first time you will meet a Hutong School member will be at the airport, holding a red sign and waiting for the smile they know from your picture

25 Oct 2012
By Hutong School

Winter in China - Public Parks

Winter in China is cold. Really cold. From November till February the average temperature in Shanghai is 6°C while it is -2°C in Beijing. So what to do?

19 Oct 2012
By Hutong School

Giveaway - WIN a 1 Month Chinese Language Program

We're doing a giveaway! We're giving away an all-inclusive 1-month Intensive Chinese Program. Beijing or Shanghai, the choice is up to you!

11 Oct 2012
By Hutong School

No winter plans yet? Great! Time to visit China!

No winter plans yet? Visit China to experience winter in China – join one of our schools in Beijing or Shanghai now. You can even experience life in both!

9 Oct 2012
By Hutong School

Golden Week - Shenme? What is that?

China has two Golden Weeks: one in fall and one at the beginning of every new year, known as chūnjié or Spring Festival, celebrated in January or February.

2 Oct 2012
By Hutong School