Articles from 2012

Hutong School Cultural Activities: Making Zongzi and Chinese Knotting

Hutong School organizes cultural activities 3 to 4 times per week for all its students and their friends, from making zongzi to Chinese knotting.

2 Jul 2012
By Hutong School

Where do Dragons and Boats meet? At China's oldest Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival (Duānwǔ jié), a famous Chinese tradition, is marked by boats designed to look like dragons which race on China's important rivers.

25 Jun 2012
By Hutong School

How to make the most out of Chinese classes?

Chinese classes can be a very valuable tool in your language learning arsenal. The best way however is to learn Chinese in China and make some mistakes!

21 Jun 2012
By Hutong School

How Many Characters Are There?

The answer to this question might be more complicated than you think — maybe even more complicated than the characters themselves!

21 Jun 2012

Seminar – Demystifying Mandarin

This webinar Demystifying Mandarin will be about the Chinese language and Chinese characters and will show that it’s actually not as difficult as you think.

15 Jun 2012
By Hutong School

Hutong School acquires Internship Network Asia

Leading Chinese language school and internship provider in China has acquired Internship Network Asia, marking the first acquisition made by Hutong School.

1 Jun 2012
By Hutong School