Articles from 2015

Six Chinese Slang Words You Need to Know

Modern day Chinese slang words and catchphrases mostly come from the internet. They call this Chinese internet language 网络词 wǎngluò cí or "internet words".

28 May 2015
By Hutong School

How to start learning Chinese?

You shouldn’t let a prevailing misconception like “Chinese is the most difficult language in the world” get in your way. Go for it with our "how to" guide

11 May 2015
By Hutong School

Hutong School Shanghai is a registered HSK center

Hutong School’s Shanghai Branch is a registered HSK center. This means you can easily attend your Chinese classes and take the exam in the same location!

16 Apr 2015
By Hutong School

London related vocabulary

Every city in the world has its own soul, which is created by history and by the people who contribute everyday to make the city alive. London especially.

11 Feb 2015
By Hutong School