Hutong School featured in Beijing Today

The latest edition of Beijing Today featured an interview with Hutong School's General Manager. Beijing Today is Beijing’s only English weekly newspaper.

21 Feb 2011

Lao She Teahouse

Lao She Teahouse, named after Lao She and his piece "Teahouse", is an entertainment house with shows by comedians, musicians, acrobats and opera performers.

17 Feb 2011

HSK Preparation Courses at the Hutong School in Beijing

Hutong School not only offers the HSK test on a monthly basis, but we also organize HSK preparation courses. We have courses for every HSK level.

15 Feb 2011

A Taste of China: Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi

When in Beijing, you should try Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi, or Nine Gates Snacks, which comes from the nine gates that led into the royal palace.

11 Feb 2011

Hutong School Welcome Party

Hutong School is organizing a welcome party with beer and some Chinese traditional snacks for students and their friends! The more the merrier!

7 Feb 2011

Hutong School Sanlitun Opening Party

We organized a big party to celebrate the opening of our second school. Besides our nice courtyard in central Beijing we now opened Hutong School Sanlitun!

1 Feb 2011