Origin Chinese Zodiac - Why cats and rats are sworn enemies!

You me be a loyal dog, a chatty rabbit, or a funny monkey, but have you ever wondered how the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals were chosen?

1 Feb 2011

HSK Test at Hutong School in Beijing

Thanks to our cooperation with a certified HSK center we can from now on offer the HSK test on a monthly basis to our Hutong School students.

1 Feb 2011

Temple Fair

A temple fair, or miàohuì, features folk arts & performing troupes, open air markets, and a lively atmosphere. You can go there over Chinese New Year!

27 Jan 2011

Learn Chinese with Flashcards

Learn Chinese with flashcards, they're useful! After Chinese lessons you can dedicate some time to write down the most important characters on flashcards.

26 Jan 2011

Hutong School Nights at Beer Mania

We're proud to announce the start of our weekly Hutong School Nights at Beer Mania, where you can enjoy fine Belgian beer.

24 Jan 2011

Lecture: A “Brand Nü” Way to Do Charity

Most people concentrate on fundraising and volunteering to do charity in China, but the Brandnü shop owner came up with an innovative way to help the needy.

19 Jan 2011