Learn how to introduce yourself in Chinese!

In China you'll come across many opportunities to have conversations, so why not learn Chinese? Here are some tips on how to introduce yourself in Chinese.

5 Jan 2011

Hutong School Wrap Up in December

Can you believe that December is drawing to an end? This has been a fun and exciting year for the Hutong School. So what have we been up to this month?

29 Dec 2010

Learning Chinese, Eating out!

Learning Chinese while you're at a Chinese restaurant is useful, so try to order food in Chinese as much as possible in order to learn Chinese fast!

27 Dec 2010

Hutong School featured in the Global Times

The latest edition of the Global Times featured an interview with the founder of Hutong School, Jeremie Rossignol, about the past and future of the school.

22 Dec 2010

Learn Chinese on the go

With a daily commute of 2 hours in Beijing, you might as well use this time productively. Why not learn Chinese while you're on your way to school or work?

17 Dec 2010

Hutong School Holiday Party!

The time has come again for the Hutong School Holiday Party! All students, staff and their friends are invited for snacks, drinks, and hot apple cider!

14 Dec 2010