Why your business needs to speak Mandarin

Many businesses contain operational staff that have the ability to converse in other languages. Having multi-lingual staff can have a huge benefit on companies’ public image, customer relations, and, of course, revenue. This approach to communication has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses try to maximize their potential. Many companies, including The Guardian (2014), have recently expressed their opinions on the need for businesses, especially in the UK, to learn new languages, such as Mandarin. They claim that Mandarin is one of the most in demand languages to learn in the world, and given population size and market stature, it’s easy to see why.

One of the most common languages for businesses to choose to operate in is the Chinese language of Mandarin. Being operational in Mandarin can have a number of benefits to your business. Mandarin is the first language of around 1 billion people, meaning your target audience could potentially grow by 1 billion if you choose to introduce Mandarin speaking into the workplace. So, in the simplest terms, there are 1 billion potential new customers – but not just this; new languages present new ways of learning, understanding, and growing. Mandarin has many common phrases that are unheard of in western culture, meaning the workforce will grow a deeper understanding of how other cultures operate. Studying for new languages also helps the brain to stay active, which increases internal productivity, as well as the possible external advantages.

Producing Chinese conversationalists also presents your business as a real global player. Not only are you able to operate in the Chinese market, but it also means the company is able to have stronger relationships with one of the most vastly populated countries in the world. Inc.com claimed in 2017 that Mandarin speakers are in nearly every country on Earth. This popularity and perceived necessity is the reason Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to learn the language (2017).

It would appear, if you want to grow your business, and be considered a global company, that it would be a smart choice to introduce Mandarin into the workplace. Many positive outcomes can be produced as a result, including the image of your company, the increased market audience, and the improved relationships with some of the market’s global players.

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