Articles in Business in China

Chinese Football

Chinese football has been on the rise recently, and President Xi Jinping has made clear that he wants to see his country as a world football superpower.

12 Jul 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

China's Richest

The juxtaposition of China’s richest and poorest creates an ever-present effect on those trying to keep up. But who exactly are the richest players?

17 May 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

Guestblog: How To Negotiate A Salary In China

This week the Hutong School blog was visited by a guest blogger: Laowai Career. Want to learn how to negotiate salary in China? Read more...

9 May 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

We are hiring a Community Manager

We are looking for a Community Manager to join our Marketing team in Shanghai. If you want to work in an international environment this is the job for you

15 Feb 2017
By Barbara Brommer

Meet the city of Hangzhou (杭州)

The city of Hangzhou (杭州), is the technological hub of China. Relax by the West Lake or work with the tech giants. Your internship in Hangzhou starts here.

1 Feb 2017
By Barbara Brommer

Chinese Tech Giants

The tech industry in China develops by leaps and bounds, and has produced a number of tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent (WeChat) and many more...

25 Jan 2017
By Barbara Brommer