Articles in Chinese Classes

Post Quarantine Pickup - Chinese Vocabulary

We know these are unprecedented times and at this point, you're going stir crazy at home. But we're here to help with our quarantine pick-up series!

19 May 2020
By Megan Wang

Coronavirus Series Part 2: Inventive Companies and Digital Innovations

For the past months, the world has been caught up in the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.We delve into the ways that businesses dealt with the limitations.

22 Apr 2020
By Manon Anger

Covid-19: A Chinese Lesson Recap

In collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in China Young Professionals Forum, we present to you Covid-19: A Chinese Lesson Recap.

13 Apr 2020
By Megan Wang

Guest Blog: 10 Tips for Foreign Students in China

Finally booked your ticket to China, now just figuring out what to prepare? No worries, learn more about what you should prepare before your big trip here!

29 Feb 2020
By Megan Wang

Guest Blog: Chinese Loan Words

Chinese may seem difficult to learn for English-speakers, but a closer look reveals a few similarities. Do you know these Chinese loan words?

14 Feb 2020
By Megan Wang

Guest Blog: 11 Common Chinese Slang Words

You know all those slang words you never learn in class? Wanna learn the newest slang and be hip with all the kids? Learn the 11 most common slang in China!

3 Jan 2020
By Megan Wang