Articles in Chinese Culture

Hutong School Alumni Stories: From Shanghai to Marrakesh

In this week's blog post we have an interview with Delphine, a Hutong School alumni who updates us on her recent adventures in Morocco.

3 May 2018
By Mark Lore

8 MUST-TRY Street Food Snacks in China

Check out our list of 8 iconic snacks you NEED to try when you're in China, featuring regional specialties from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shaanxi, Wuhan and more!

26 Apr 2018
By Mark Lore

The 10 People You'll Meet in China

If you've spent any amount of time in China, you've undoubtedly met some (if not all) of these colorful characters. Let us know your favorites!

18 Apr 2018
By Mark Lore

Guestblog: Building Lasting Business Relationships with the Chinese

Guest author Abdelhak Benkerroum offers insights from his years in China about how to form strong business relationships with Chinese partners.

11 Apr 2018
By Mark Lore

Social Media in Chinese Pt.1

Social media has been a real game-changer, especially in China. Take a look at 5 Mandarin terms you NEED to know to navigate social media in China.

28 Mar 2018
By Alexis Quevedo