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What do you know about drinking in China?

When you order a drink in China, asking for whiskey may not get you whiskey. Drinking culture in China is different to that of the West. How so? Read on!

24 Jul 2014
By Hutong School

Weird Cooking in China: Food for Thought

An ancient Cantonese saying about cooking in China goes 'Anything that walks, swims, crawls or flies is edible'. Read here about weird Chinese foods.

16 Aug 2012
By Hutong School

A Taste of China - Chinese vegetarian food

Chinese vegetarian food outlets welcome and cater to anyone interested in trying this cuisine out. Come join us for a delicious vegetarian evening!

2 Jul 2011
By Hutong School

Chinese cooking class

For those who would like to show off their cooking skills at home by making Kung Pao Chicken and Cucumber shots, we are organizing a Chinese cooking class.

10 Jun 2011
By Hutong School

Huaiyang Cuisine - Jiangsu Province

Every region has its own typical dishes that can be very different from any other place. This time we'll try Huaiyang cuisine from the Jiangsu Province.

24 May 2011
By Hutong School

An Overview of China's Tea Tradition

Read here about China’s Tea Culture. We hope you had a good time enjoying a cup of tea while learning Chinese and knowing more about China’s everyday life!

1 Mar 2011
By Hutong School