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7 Ways China Does Nightlife Differently

Finding myself curious about the nightlife scene, I set off to research this topic, and in return discovered 7 main differences between the East and West.

18 May 2014
By Hutong School

7 ways in which learning Chinese will turn your world upside down

Learning Chinese enables you to gain an insight into the extraordinary way Chinese people view certain things, helping to better understand Chinese culture.

17 Apr 2014
By Hutong School

Things you think you know about China

Due to media portrayals and over-generalized Chinese stereotypes, even the most open-minded Westerners are guilty of these misconceptions about China.

12 Dec 2013
By Hutong School

Top 8 Surprising Reasons Why YOU Should Learn A New Language

There are multiple reasons why you should learn a new language. These top 8 reasons will leave you asking why you're not learning a foreign language now!

27 Sep 2013
By Hutong School

What's In A Name? Chinese Brand Names Of Multinationals

There are many funny examples of where multinational companies have used Chinese brand names, with the result looking like they’re lost in translation.

7 May 2013
By Hutong School

Chinese Language in Singapore

For a language spoken by so many people, Mandarin is an official language in surprisingly few countries. I can think of one only country: Singapore.

29 Nov 2012
By Hutong School