Articles in Holidays and Festivals

2 Cultures Meet For A Wedding

With the union of man from a western culture and a woman from a Chinese culture, the question is, how do both of the wedding traditions fit in the ceremony?

2 Aug 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

Gap Year in China - My own experience

Are you bored of your comfort zone, want to stop your current routine for something totally new and different? Then a gap year in China is the perfect match

22 Feb 2017
By Barbara Brommer

Fire Rooster - the Zodiac Sign for 2017

What is the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2017? The combination of the two systems gives us a Fire Rooster as a sign for 2017. Read about the Zodiac system here.

4 Jan 2017
By Barbara Brommer

Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie

The Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie is upon us! This traditional holiday that commemorates the famous Chinese Scholar Qu Yuan

5 Jun 2016
By Laurence Provost

Top 5 Places to Visit in Mainland China

Studying Chinese in Shanghai or Beijing for a couple of months offers the perfect opportunity to do some traveling to top places to visit in Mainland China

27 May 2016
By Laurence Provost

清明节 - Qing Ming Jie or Tomb Sweeping Holiday

Qing Ming Jie (or Tomb-Sweeping Day) is a traditional Chinese festival that remembers passed loved ones, but it's also a time for celebrating new life.

31 Mar 2016
By Laurence Provost