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How An Internship in China Can Change Your Life - Hutong School Interns In Their Own Words

The benefits of doing an internship abroad are endless. Find out here how doing an internship in China changed the lives of Hutong School students!

15 Mar 2016
By Nathan Thomas

Big News From Hutong School

Hutong School Turns 10! So we're offering a 10% on all programs for the next 10 days! Apply now and learn Chinese in China or start an internship in China!

24 Feb 2016
By Nathan Thomas

Meet our scholarship winners

Last July Hutong School selected 4 students to receive a full scholarship for a 3-month internship in China program in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu.

29 Oct 2015
By Hutong School

We are hiring an Education Coordinator

We are hiring! We are looking for an education coordinator to join our team in Shanghai.

2 Sep 2015
By Hutong School

Hutong School 10 Years Anniversary Party

To celebrate Hutong School's 10th anniversary, we are inviting everyone to raise their glass with us in our branches in Beijing and Shanghai!

5 Jun 2015
By Hutong School

Hutong School Shanghai is a registered HSK center

Hutong School’s Shanghai Branch is a registered HSK center. This means you can easily attend your Chinese classes and take the exam in the same location!

16 Apr 2015
By Hutong School