Articles in Learning Chinese

Covid-19: A Chinese Lesson Recap

In collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in China Young Professionals Forum, we present to you Covid-19: A Chinese Lesson Recap.

13 Apr 2020
By Megan Wang

Guest Blog: 11 Common Chinese Slang Words

You know all those slang words you never learn in class? Wanna learn the newest slang and be hip with all the kids? Learn the 11 most common slang in China!

3 Jan 2020
By Megan Wang

Guestblog: 8 Best Ways to Learn Chinese Quick and Easy (like a house on fire)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed while trying to learn Chinese? Don't fret, we've compiled a list of the 8 easiest ways to learn Chinese quick and easy!

19 Sep 2019
By Megan Wang

And The Award Goes To...

Hutong School is happy to announce for the 4th year in a row, we've won Reader's Choice for 'Mandarin School of the Year' award!

2 Aug 2019
By Megan Wang

Untranslatable Chinese Words

All languages have words and phrases that don't have an English equivalent. We've compiled 10 frequently used words in Chinese that are "untranslatable."

17 Apr 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree

In China, the relationship between the family members can be easily derived by the way you refer to them. Here is a basic overview of the family tree.

6 Mar 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge