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A Gap Year - Choose your own path

Have you ever considered taking a year just for yourself? A year in which you will get the chance to explore who you are? A Gap Year may be just for you...

8 Feb 2017
By Barbara Brommer

My internship in Shanghai

It promised to be an outstanding experience – it turned out to be a life-changing experience… I arrived to China in the end of August 2016, all ready to start an internship in Shanghai, in the Marketing Department of Hutong School. Since I have never been to China before, I took some time, while being …

26 Oct 2016
By Ida Speyer

Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie

The Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie is upon us! This traditional holiday that commemorates the famous Chinese Scholar Qu Yuan

5 Jun 2016
By Laurence Provost

Top 5 Places to Visit in Mainland China

Studying Chinese in Shanghai or Beijing for a couple of months offers the perfect opportunity to do some traveling to top places to visit in Mainland China

27 May 2016
By Laurence Provost

How to Survive Your First Day in China: A Full Guide, from the Airport to Your Hotel Room!

After arriving in China and falling in love with Chinese culture, you're ready for the great adventure. The best advice is to start learning Chinese ASAP.

2 Feb 2016
By Nathan Thomas

Volunteer at International Culture Event in Xi'an

To provide a better service to visitors and create a better understanding of foreign culture for the local people, we would like to recruit 4 volunteers.

7 Sep 2015
By Hutong School