The differences between C-Pop, J-Pop and K-Pop

The literal differences between J-pop, K-pop, and C-pop;

J-Pop is Japanese pop.

K-pop is Korean pop music (English: daokorea pop, short for K-pop, Korean: 가요)

C-pop is the abbreviation of Chinese pop, translated into Chinese pop music



J-Pop is widely used in Japan to refer to modern music (现代音乐 Xiàn dài yÍn yuè) influenced by the West.

K-pop originates from Korean pop music. Most of the songs have fast sounds (旋律 xuán lǜ) and a strong sense of rhythm, which is suitable for dancing (跳舞 tiào wŭ) .

C-pop is a generalized music type; it has combined both traditional (传统的 Chuăn tǒng de) and modern Chinese music. It refers to music from Hongkong, for example, combining traditional Chinese folk music with pop music. It also refers to all the Chinese music or songs that are sung by Chinese singers from mainland China, Taiwan and Hongkong, or other popular Chinese music that is integrated with Chinese elements (中国元素 Zhōng guō yuán sù). Sometimes it also includes the Chinese music sung by singers from other countries and regions with more Chinese habitants such as Singapore and Malaysia.

The third difference is the characteristic of content:

J-Pop includes pop music, R & B, rock, dance-pop, hip-hop and soul music.

K-pop is a combination of Korean, electronic music (电子音乐 diàn zi yīn yuè), dance-pop and hip-hop music.

C-pop includes not only Chinese pop music, but also Chinese rhythm and blues, Chinese folk songs (民谣 mÍn yáo), Chinese rock music, Chinese hip-hop music, and Chinese atmosphere music.

It is worth noting that lots of modern Chinese pop music has lively and steady melodies, which are completed by multiple instruments. Most of the contents are about empathy, (共情 gòng qíng) life experience, or encourage people to pursue freedom and dream without fear of hardships and difficulties. In addition, some songs will add some multilingual elements and classic music stories such as English, Korean, French and Spanish or art works (艺术作品 yì shù zuò pĭn).

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