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Now you can use Fund My Travel to help make your travel dreams come true!

We all know that students are typically a bit short of money, and going abroad usually costs a lot. Now, there are many ways to finance your trip to China. Of course you can find a job and safe your well-earned salary, empty your banking account (but hey, nobody likes to do that) or do whatever is in your power to fund your trip. Apart from your own efforts, we are pretty sure your friends and family would be more than happy pursuing your dream of going abroad! Probably, your grandma already gave you the mandatory pocket money anyway (don’t spend it all at once though!) – but how do you organize all these donations? Well, we found something for you!

Fund my trip, please!

You don’t have to call your aunts and cousins anymore to tell them about your project, or find the right moment to mention it to your classmates and ask for help. With Fund my Travel you can create a file for your campaign and then easily share it with everybody! The website was created by young travelers just like you who experienced how difficult funding a trip abroad can be. Their website allows you to set up your own travel profile where you can tell the world about your project. No matter if it is voluntary work, an internship or studying abroad; there is a place for every trip on this website. On the profile you can choose your purpose of travel, have the amount needed calculated and – together with a short description of your project – uploaded on the website. An information bar always shows you how much money has already been donated, and how much time is left. The link can easily be shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so much more, so you can definitely reach all of your friends and relatives!

Fund my trip campaign

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Fill in a form with the key data – Which organization are you with? When does the trip start? What is the trip about? – and find a name for your campaign
  • Step 2: Create a personal page to set up your account on the website
  • Step 3: Choose a goal amount. The goal amount is added up from different parts such as application fee, airfare, program fee, travel insurance, etc. It gives a nice overview, and this way, not only can donators decide which expenses they want to support, also you and others can always see how things are going.
  • Step 4: After confirming your data you can launch your campaign
  • Step 5: Spread the word! Now that your campaign is online you can send out the link to everyone with an internet connection. The big plus is: not only you can tell people about your plans, also your friends can spread the word (or the link, for that matter) and the money still goes directly to you. It is the most uncomplicated way for you to fund your travel, as all you have to do is create a profile and promote it!

Start fundraising!

fund my trip: group on the great wallSetting up your campaign is pretty easy as it contains of only 3 steps. The promoting on the other hand is your task: share the link with your friends, on Facebook, via E-Mail, however you want it! But how do you get people to actually donate money?

  • Find a creative and funny name for your campaign. This way the project draws interest.
  • Give as much information as possible about the program. People are more likely to donate if they know what exactly the money is for.
  • Encourage your friends to share it with their friends. The more people know about your campaign, the better!


FundMyTravel is an online crowdfunding platform specifically developed to suit the needs of individuals desiring to study or volunteer abroad.

Need more ideas to fund your China travel? Then you might be interested in these 8 ways to fund your trip to China!

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