Learning Chinese with Chi-Nesisch

How are you learning Chinese? Check out Hutong School’s latest partner, Chi-Nesisch, a German company that offers online courses to help people learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily. The courses are fantastic online resources for anyone learning Chinese (or aspiring to learn Chinese). Even better, Hutong students get a 20% discount when they enroll in a Chi-Nesisch course!

About Chi-Nesisch 

learning chinese online Wondering how Chi-Nesisch helps you learn the world’s most widely spoken language? It’s simple, but revolutionary. Rather than starting with tone words and writing characters, Chi-Nesisch starts with spoken Chinese, using the alphabet and complete sentences in order to build your feeling and understanding of the language. After gaining a thorough understanding of each sentence, the course then begins teaching the pronunciation and writing of the characters in the sentence. Chi-Nesisch breaks down each sentence so that you can understand better what you are learning about. Once you understand what you are talking about, you can begin to match the correct tone and character to each word.

The course is structured in weeks, so each week you will study a new topic and learn 30 new sentences. If you study the course each day for an hour, you will complete the course in 3 months. Skip watching TV for an hour and enroll in Chi-Nesisch to boost your knowledge of Chinese! Chi-Nesisch provides an easy and approachable way for you to begin learning Chinese.

Chi-Nesisch StructureHow It Works

            From the start, you learn complete sentences, so you can see your results and progress in studying Chinese. You will learn the sentence in 3 different forms, the first of which is pinyin. From there you will do a literal translation of each word, known as decoding. After that, you will put the translations together in order to comprehend the sentence entirely. Once you completely understand the sentence, you will practice and repeat the sentence 7 times in different ways. Practice makes perfect!

Chi-Nesisch lessons cover various topics and introduce you to China’s beautiful cities and regions. For example, one week the course might be introducing you to Shanghai, then the week after, the course is showing you around Northern China’s Shandong province! By the end of this intensive online Chinese course, you will be a pro at speaking Chinese about a variety of topics, such as making plans with friends, asking for directions, or ordering food. If you come to China, shock your waiter by ordering fluently in Chinese!

What are you waiting for? Start learning Chinese today.

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Learning Chinese

The course content is currently available in German!



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