Top 6 Bike Lane Personalities

They bring the whole spectrum of 酸甜苦辣(Suāntiánkǔlà; joys and sorrows) to your day in the space of your 15 minute commute.

)The 奶奶 

Her bike can be traced back to the 1960s. Riding with a surrounding metallic resonance, she manages to cycle slower than the local commuter walking on their ‘rush’ to work. You might be stuck behind her for a while.

)The Weaver 

You question his ability to ride a bike. A takeover is highly intimidating as he video calls his niece. Zig-zagging down the road he manages to accommodate the entire lane. Keep full awareness on your overtake, you never know when he will strike.


They defy the laws of physics. With their extended double box payload at the back, they squeeze into the narrowest of nooks and crannies. With one hand at constant top speed and the other glued to their phone, they stop at no red light, courageously fighting their way through the Tetris maze of Chinese traffic. You dream of ever mastering their maneuvering abilities.

)The Right Turner

She’s 5ft 2 yet driving a military standard SUV. At full speed and with no signal, she swings into the turn, attempting to bully you back from your rightful green light. Bring joy to your day by walking extra slow in front of these needs for speeds.

)The Parked car

It’s rush hour. You’re flowing down the dense, fluent, yet dead silent stream of electric transportation. Ahead, however, you notice an ever growing clump of mopeds panicking into pandemonium. Someone is parked, casually checking their WeChat with no recognition of the surrounding chaos. It’s every man for himself as some take to the sidewalk, some swing out into the highway, while some shimmy their way in between. Take swift creative initiative here.

)The Death Bus

The ground starts to tremor, and a wave of metallic hot air rushes up your spine. The 公共汽车 (public bus) is coming in for a stop. The driver takes no regard for the unfortunate vehicular ants that are positioned in the area where the bike lane converges with the bus stop. You must take evasive action to save your life, It’s now or never… Or, well until the next bus stop.

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