Articles from 2010

Chinese Calligraphy Class

The art of writing Chinese characters, or shufa, is one of the highest forms of Chinese art and Hutong School organized a Chinese Calligraphy class.

3 Dec 2010
By Hutong School

Hutong School November Wrap Up

The end of November is getting close and winter is on its way. We are ready for a warm and cozy Beijing winter! Read about what happened at Hutong School.

30 Nov 2010
By Hutong School

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Class

Xiangqi or Chinese Chess and Orthodox Chess derive from the original Indian game of Chanturanga, but some maintain that Chess is actually Chinese in origin.

25 Nov 2010
By Hutong School

Account Manager Laura Corazzi joins our team!

Welcome to our new Account Manager, Laura Corazzi who will join our HR specialists team, dedicated to offering our students the best internships in Beijing!

24 Nov 2010
By Hutong School

A Taste of China: Guangdong food

Studying Chinese makes you hungry! What better way to take a break from learning Chinese than by visiting a Guangdong food (or Hong Kong food) restaurant?

19 Nov 2010
By Hutong School

Sneak Preview

A sneak preview, but of what exactly? Stay tuned for more info coming real soon...

17 Nov 2010
By Hutong School