The Ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui - Your Pocket Guide!

If you've been to China, then I'm sure you would have heard, or indeed seen examples of the Chinese art of Feng Shui (风水:fēngshuǐ). Let's dive in more!

10 Nov 2021

The Geography of Chinese Cuisine - a trip around China!

If you have been to China, then you'll know that the Chinese cuisine does not just have one flavor. Let's dive in more and take a trip around China!

13 Oct 2021

Tea Customs in China: 3 Fun facts

Explore three fun facts about Chinese Tea Customs and its history! Did you know there is a Tea Saint called Lu Yu in China?

26 Sep 2021

Online Student's Experience on Our Brand New Web App!

Sign up to online classes on our brand new web app! Read about Babi's experience here and find out more about learning Chinese online!

2 Sep 2021