Learn about the Traditions of Chinese New Year

Become familiar with the Chinese world through the activities carried out during Chinese New Year. Find out more about Lantern Festival and red envelopes.

18 Jan 2011

Skiing in China at Nanshan Ski Village

Beijing Nanshan Ski Village offers activities such as skiing in China during winter, hiking in spring, swimming in summer and fruit-picking during autumn.

17 Jan 2011

Traditional Foods of Chinese New Year

Chinese food is very varied and during the Spring Festival you can taste various dishes. This is a short list of traditional foods of Chinese New Year.

14 Jan 2011

Opening and Welcome Party

We are proud to announce the official opening of our second branch in Sanlitun, close to the Central Business District in Beijing.

13 Jan 2011

Language Partner in Beijing

Instead of hanging out with foreign students and speaking English, why not learn Chinese with a language partner in Beijing after taking classes?

10 Jan 2011

Learn Chinese to Go Shopping in Beijing!

Shopping in Beijing is one of the most interesting & hectic experiences one can have, but bargaining in China is also a great way to learn Chinese.

7 Jan 2011