Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu

Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu combines kung fu, story-telling, acrobatics, dance and original music to celebrate the philosophy and skill of martial arts.

28 Oct 2010

Traditional Chinese Music Concert

Hutong School is pleased to welcome the traditional Chinese music ensemble Tong Xin. This traditional music can be traced back as far as the Zhou Dynasty.

21 Oct 2010

Notice regarding HSK exam

Registration for the HSK exam on November 14th must be handed in before Tuesday November 2nd. Find the available levels here.

21 Oct 2010

Hutong School wants YOU!

Hutong School is currently looking for Marketing Interns and an Account Manager Assistant Intern as a part of our Internship Program.

20 Oct 2010

A Taste of China: Tibetan Food

Tibet, known as Xīzàng (西藏), is the highest region on earth. Due to the high elevation, the Tibetan food has had to adjust and is therefore quite different.

18 Oct 2010

Volunteer in China in a migrant school

Volunteer in China in a migrant school with Migrant Children's Foundation, an organization designed to enrich the lives of the migrant community in Beijing.

14 Oct 2010