Articles in Chinese Culture

Experience the winter wonders of Harbin

Every year the famous ice city Harbin turns in to a glowing ice paradise for a whole month. The amazing sculpture festival turns the city one big party.

6 Dec 2017
By Tommy Jensen

It’s Never Too Late To Start Learning

Experience China with Hutong School, with a life long lesson in life. We teach hundreds of students the Chinese language every year.

22 Nov 2017
By Tommy Jensen

Colourful Cuisines from a land of contrasts

Discover Chinas 8 regional cuisines. From the sweet taste of Shanghai to flaming hot Sichuan dishes, Chinese cuisine is a magnificent cultural melting-pot.

25 Oct 2017
By Tommy Jensen

The Global Chinese Powerhouse

"The Chinese are everywhere!" is echoed daily around the world. How did they get there, what's their relationship with China and how long are they staying?

18 Oct 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck