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Why Chinese People Drink Hot Water ( A Relatively Brief History)

Ever noticed how Chinese people love drinking hot water? Learn about the (relatively brief history) of where it all stems from!

25 Oct 2019
By Megan Wang

Top 6 Bike Lane Personalities

They bring the whole spectrum of 酸甜苦辣(joys and sorrows) to your day in the space of your 15 minute commute. Find out about these 6 bike lane personalities!

28 Nov 2018
By Inge Baak

The 10 People You'll Meet in China

If you've spent any amount of time in China, you've undoubtedly met some (if not all) of these colorful characters. Let us know your favorites!

18 Apr 2018
By Mark Lore

Social Media in Chinese Pt.1

Social media has been a real game-changer, especially in China. Take a look at 5 Mandarin terms you NEED to know to navigate social media in China.

28 Mar 2018
By Alexis Quevedo

The Marriage Market in Shanghai

Check out our blog about the marriage market in Shanghai, see the details and know more about this Shanghainese tradition.

8 Mar 2018
By Alexis Quevedo