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Dating in China 101

Ever wanted to know more about dating in China? What are Chinese men, women and, most importantly, parents looking for? Are marriage markets real?

1 Mar 2017
By Isabelle Demeunynck

Fire Rooster - the Zodiac Sign for 2017

What is the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2017? The combination of the two systems gives us a Fire Rooster as a sign for 2017. Read about the Zodiac system here.

4 Jan 2017
By Barbara Brommer

The number of Chinese learners is expected to surpass 10m by 2020

A new global market study has shown higher growth rates than expected for Chinese language learners. The founders of Hutong School, Mr. Jeremie Rossignol and Mr. Jan Wostyn, announced the results of the study which showed substantial growth in the number of learners both within China and globally. As numbers of Chinese students continue to grow …

28 Sep 2016
By Ida Speyer

Facts about Chinese Characters - Hanzi

Is there a logic behind Chinese characters? For a Chinese learner who has just started to get introduced to characters, the combination of strokes seems

21 Sep 2016
By Ida Speyer

5 most common mistakes when learning Chinese

We’ve asked our experienced teachers to give us insights on which common mistakes students tend to make so that you won’t have to repeat them

31 Aug 2016
By Ida Speyer

Hutong School is officially the best Mandarin school

During June and July, the people of Beijing voted on the annual That’s Beijing Lifestyle Awards where we were nominated for best mandarin school and we won!

19 Aug 2016
By Ida Speyer