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Go ‘local’ and save money in Shanghai!

Shanghai can be extremely expensive or shockingly cheap. Here are some tips on how to save money in Shanghai, from cheap food in Shanghai to nightlife!

16 Feb 2012
By Hutong School

Why Learn Chinese in Beijing

Sit tight and let us tell you about why you should learn Chinese in Beijing or why you should do an internship in Beijing while studying Chinese in China.

2 Jun 2011
By Hutong School

Why Study Chinese in Beijing?

More and more people are starting to learn Chinese in China and we are going to tell you why you should study Chinese in Beijng.

30 Mar 2011
By Hutong School

Learn Chinese with Flashcards

Learn Chinese with flashcards, they're useful! After Chinese lessons you can dedicate some time to write down the most important characters on flashcards.

26 Jan 2011
By Hutong School

Learn Chinese on the go

With a daily commute of 2 hours in Beijing, you might as well use this time productively. Why not learn Chinese while you're on your way to school or work?

17 Dec 2010
By Hutong School

Social Networking Sites in China

Once you learn Chinese you can ditch the Western social networking sites and switch to Chinese social media. Discover alternatives to Facebook and Twitter.

29 Oct 2010
By Hutong School