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Qingdao: Beers, Beaches, and Nature Galore

Dreaming of a city with beaches and beers? We've got you covered. Our Qingdao branch is officially open! Check out all the great things do to in Qingdao.

5 Aug 2019
By Megan Wang

Beijing Without the Crowds

Tired of being swarmed with tourist in China's capital? Check out the top 5 places we recommend in Beijing without the crowd.

24 Jul 2019
By Megan Wang

Understanding Chinese Humour

Often times Chinese humour can get lost in translation. Let us guide you through the ins and outs of what makes Chinese people laugh out loud.

12 Jun 2019
By Alexis Quevedo

Why You Should Intern

Nowadays, you need work experience if you want to get a job. Doing an internship is a good start! But there are many other reasons why you should do one.

15 May 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

The Best Study Cafés In Shanghai

Shanghai has many cafés where you can get the best coffee and baked goods. Find out which cafés have both and also are a great place to study.

6 Feb 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge

What To Do During Chinese New Year In Shanghai?

During the Chinese New Year, most locals leave the bigger cities to go home and celebrate. Find out what you can do in Shanghai during this holiday.

23 Jan 2019
By Lineke Bruijnooge